Tiered Pricing

To meet the goals of developing and expanding the ministry of Marmon Valley, we are introducing a tiered pricing system for the summer of 2021. Tiered Pricing is a personal pricing system that many summer camps across the country are now using.  Marmon Valley Ministries works hard to keep rates affordable and accessible while at the same time offering a high-quality summer camp experience.  

Marmon Valley knows and understands that families have different abilities to pay for a Christian camping experience and that you know your family’s financial situation better than we do.  This allows you to choose the rate that best fits your financial situation.  The pricing option you choose remains confidential and in no way influences the experience your camper receives.  Your camper receives the same quality camp experience no matter which rate you choose.  

Our Goals for Tiered Pricing

  • To provide a quality, affordable environment for children and teenagers to learn about God, have fun experiences, and grow through their relationships with staff and other campers.
  • To represent and communicate the actual costs of camp while allowing families to choose the rate most appropriate for them.
  • For those who value the ministry of Marmon Valley to be able to partner with us, enabling more people to be impacted in a positive way.
  • To preserve the present and future quality of Marmon Valley’s facilities and programs


Tier 1: Subsidized Cost

At tier 1, each camper’s fee is subsidized by generous financial support from our donors. This cost does not reflect the true cost of operating summer camp programs, but it allows us to keep camp affordable and accessible for as many families as possible.


Tier 2: True Cost

The fee for tier 2 is closer to covering the true cost of camp but does not provide enough revenue for us to continue to develop our facilities and programs. By choosing this option, you are helping us cover the basic expenses of a week of camp while allowing us to stretch our donations further so that we can use them for other needed expenses.


Tier 3: Improvement Cost

At this level, you are covering the actual costs of summer camp as well as providing additional revenue that will be used to make improvements around the farm and further the ministry of Marmon Valley. Families choosing tier 3 are partnering with us to continue to improve and develop the experience at Marmon Valley for future generations.


Again, the pricing you choose is confidential and in no way affects the experience your child receives at Marmon Valley. The tiered pricing model is really an honors system that allows you to determine what rate best suits your family and your financial situation while allowing you the opportunity to take an active role in supporting the financial needs associated with your child’s camp experience. 


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