Creation Camp

NEW for 2024! Join us for a camp that explores the natural world both around the farm and in the nature that surrounds Marmon Valley.  This outdoor education, coed camp is geared towards those younger campers (ages 7-11) that love animals and God’s creation but are not as interested in or ready for horses.  There is a half week option available for those not quite ready for a full week. They will have hands on classes in the natural world, as well as, spending time holding bunnies, shearing sheep, and playing with kittens. Campers will get a chance to have a trail ride during the week. Campers will also participate in Farm Favorite activities in the afternoon such as climbing wall, archery, crafts, and swimming. 

Note:  This camp replaces Critter Camp with a program that allows girls and boys the option to attend the whole week.  There is still a half week option available if you would prefer a program similar to the original critter camp from past years.

Morning activities may include:

- Hooves and tails: Learn about our larger barnyard friends.
- Things that swim: Jump into the creek and have fun exploring all the critters that live in our waterways.
- Wild Woodlands: Learn about the forest ecosystem and the animals that live there.
- Flying friends: Visit the farmyard and the wildlands to learn about the birds.
- Happening Habitats: Campers get to learn about the basic needs of all living creatures while building their own “habitat.”
- And much, much more!

Cost   By Dec. 31    Tier 1       Tier 2       Tier 3   
Creation Camp Half Week (campers aged 7 - 11)       Free Shirt $500 $560




Cost   By Dec. 31    Tier 1       Tier 2       Tier 3   
Creation Camp full Week (campers aged 7 - 11)       Free Shirt $690 $765





Upcoming Dates:

Creation Camp | Sunday, June 30, 2024 - Friday, July 5, 2024
Creation Camp | Sunday, July 7, 2024 - Friday, July 12, 2024
Creation Camp | Sunday, July 14, 2024 - Friday, July 19, 2024
Creation Camp | Sunday, July 21, 2024 - Friday, July 26, 2024

No events found. 

Sample Schedule

7:30 Good Morning Lord
8:00 Breakfast
8:45 Nature class of the day Learning & Fun!
12:00   Lunch
1:00 Rest Period
2:00 afternoon activities (example: archery)
3:00 afternoon activities (example: driving)
4:00 afternoon activities (example: climbing wall)
5:00 Cabin Bible Study
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Evening Activity (Example: Hayride and Camp Talk)
9:45 Lights Out for Younger (7-11) Campers

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Phone: 937-593-8000


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