Private Lessons

Private lessons are very flexible, and we will work around your schedule. To set up a private lesson, please call our office at 937-593-8000. Our office staff will take your information and pass it on to one of our trained instructors. The instructor will contact you to schedule the lesson. Semi-private lessons are for groups of 2-3 people.


One-Hour Private- $40/lesson
Half-Hour Private - $25/lesson
One Hour Semi-Private- $30/person/lesson
Half Hour Semi-Private- $25/person/lesson

Registration: Call 937-593-8000

Phone Numbers:
Phone: 937-593-8000
FAX: 937-593-6900


Office Hours:
9:00-5:00PM Monday-Saturday
1:00-5:00PM Sunday
Stable hours:
Closed Monday
1:00-5:00PM Tuesday-Saturday
1:30-5:00PM Sunday