Horse Shows

Indoor Arena with seating! Grounds fee $2.00/horse Entry fee $3.00/class. Concessions on the grounds.

Walk/Trot Participants may not show in canter/lope classes

  1. Showmanship 13 and Under
  2. Showmanship 14-18yrs.
  3. Showmanship Open
  4. Leadline 8 and Under
  5. Trail In Hand Open
  6. The Fuzziest Horse (April 4 show only) Open
  7. Walk/Trot 13 and Under
  8. Walk/Trot  14 and Over
  9. Walk/Trot Horsemanship 13 and Under
  10. Walk/Trot Horsemanship 14 and Over
  11. English Pleasure 13 and Under
  12. English Pleasure 14 and Over
  13. English Equitation 13 and Under
  14. English Equitation 14 and Over
  15. Hunter Hack Novice- Cross rails
  16. Hunter Hack Regular
  17. Pony Pleasure Open (English or Western 58” and under)
  18. Western Pleasure 13 and Under
  19. Western Pleasure 14-18yrs.
  20. Western Pleasure Open – no ponies
  21. Horsemanship 13 and Under
  22. Horsemanship 14-18yrs.
  23. Horsemanship Open
  24. Reining Open
  25. Walk/Trot Trail Open
  26. Trail Open
  27. Walk/Trot Egg & Spoon Open
  28. Egg & Spoon Open
  29. Ride-a-buck (bareback) Open

Fuzzy Horse and Pony- Indoor opens at 8:30AM for warm up, show starts at 10AM
Sunday Afternoon Fun Show- Indoor opens at 11:30AM for warm up, show starts at 1:30PM
Friday Night Fun Show- Indoor opens at 4PM for warm up, show starts at 5:30PM

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