MVF Jobs

Volunteer Service Opportunities - Learn to be a volunteer trail guide or use your skills in other areas where volunteer help is utilized.

Part-time Jobs - Occasionally we have part-time service positions open. Trail guides, program instructors, and food service positions.

Full-time Jobs - Once in a while a career position becomes available at Marmon Valley. Please call the office for information.

Part-Time and Volunteer Application
Use this application to apply for a part-time or volunteer position at Marmon Valley Farm. Includes: trail guides, instructors, food service, etc. If you require a paper application, please email or call 937-593-8000.

Online MVF Application

Country Christmas Volunteer Application

Phone Numbers:
Phone: 937-593-8000


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9:00-5:00PM Monday-Saturday
1:00-5:00PM Sunday
Stable hours:
Closed Monday
1:00-5:00PM Tuesday-Saturday
1:30-5:00PM Sunday
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