Are you interested in using your gifts and abilities for the glory of God to serve guests who participate in programs at Marmon Valley Farm or Marmon Valley Ministries? 

All 2023 positions have been filled at this time

MVM Jobs

Marmon Valley Ministries operates the non-profit summer camp of Marmon Valley! Positions include counselor, riding instructor, program staff, and more.

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MVF Jobs

MVF positions are mostly part-time trail guides, program instructors, and food service positions.

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Because Marmon Valley Ministries and Marmon Valley Farm are Christian organizations, an evangelical Christian commitment and lifestyle consistent with the organization's mission are required by all employees. Marmon Valley Ministries and Marmon Valley Farm employ without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, age, or veteran status.

Phone Numbers:
Phone: 937-593-8000


Office Hours:
Closed Monday
9:00-5:00PM Tuesday-Saturday
1:00-5:00PM Sunday
Stable hours:
Closed Monday & Wednesday
1:00-5:00PM Tuesday-Saturday
1:30-5:00PM Sunday
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