Marmon Valley Camp Alumni Program


Marmon Valley Ministries is rounding up former campers, camp staff, and camp parents to form the Marmon Valley Camp Alumni Program. This program will create opportunities to reconnect with old friends, revisit great camp traditions, and raise awareness of the Summer Camp Scholarship Program. Every year, the Scholarship Program makes it possible for 100+ campers to experience a Christ-centered atmosphere at summer camp.

Join us as we begin an exciting new chapter in Marmon Valley history. As alumni, you share a common thread woven into memories that likely include chuckwagon breakfast, fry bread, campfire songs, hayrides, and square dances. You have experienced all that the Farm has offered for decades through it's camp program, and may even have a life-changing testimony to share. Whatever your story, this alumni program will give you the opportunity to join in the fun while spreading the word about the great experience that Marmon Valley offers.

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