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Marmon Valley Ministries exists to provide camps that grow campers toward a love for God, a life of obedience to His Word, and a passion for His glory. Horsemanship experiences make up a large portion of the camp structure. Age and level appropriate classes ensure that every child is in a class that will help them learn at their skill level. Within the context of learning horsemanship skills, many opportunities arise for ministry. Horsemanship classes offer helpful parallels to our relationships, especially a servant, master relationship. Horsemanship classes allow for teachable moments where the class may see spiritual truth illustrated.

By God’s grace, Marmon Valley Ministries has helped many children to come to faith in Christ and learn to live a life of faith and commitment to Him. We believe that our camps offer an important service to families and churches that is intended to come alongside their God given efforts to raise up godly young men and women. Our camps reinforce the gospel message as a supporting third voice. Marmon Valley Ministries offers a friendly environment where campers can be confronted about their need for Christ, be encouraged to discover God’s Word, and be excited about growing. 

The routine world in which all children live is busy and full of influences and relationships. Some of these are helpful, some are distracting. Camp is able to create a temporary culture of spiritual growth that provides positive influences and genuine relationships. Campers can come for a short stay and be removed from distractions in order to focus on the truth of the Bible. Camp is an intentional attempt to see and savor Christ throughout all of a camper’s experiences and relationships. This is largely done by relationally engaging campers with staff who model a Christ-centered life of growth and love.

Marmon Valley Ministries is a 501c3 nonprofit organization in Zanesfield, Ohio. Scholarships are available for campers in need of financial assistance. 

Marmon Valley Ministries is committed to:

  1. Providing excellent Christ-focused horse camps for children and families.
  2. Providing scholarships for those unable to afford camp.

In order for us to move forward with these priorities, we need your support. Marmon Valley Ministries depends on the contribution of generous donors who understand the value of a Christian Camp. Please prayerfully consider supporting Marmon Valley Ministries with both your prayer support and financial contributions. As a 501c3 non-profit organization contributions are tax deductible.

Contact Marmon Valley Ministries at 937-593-8051 for more information about camps and scholarships or invite Marmon Valley Ministries to present our mission to your church or organization.

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